Conditions of non tour/cruise package bookings and insurance acknowledgment

Insurance acknowledgment

Unless otherwise stated, prices do not include the suggested Travelguard insurance. Contact your agent to add travel insurance.

KaliKosmos Travel Members, independently contracted with Travel Leaders, strongly recommend you purchase insurance for the protection of your health, your property (baggage) and your travel costs. We encourage clients to protect their investment of travel by purchasing the suggested Travelguard Insurance. The Travelguard cost for this trip is based on the per person cost of the trip, the amount of coverage chosen and age of each passenger at the time of booking. Some policies and extended coverage are only offered for a specific period starting from the date of ticketing. Contact your agent for detailed rates and for information on which policy protects you best. Information on Travelguard’s available policies can be found at I acknowledge that I have been offered the suggested Travelguard travel insurance to help cover unexpected costs of travel, such as baggage delays, missed connections and cancellations, and asked my agent any questions I have regarding the options of coverage available. I understand the coverage offered by Travelguard has requirements that must be met for reimbursement. While I have been offered this insurance, unless told otherwise, my agent will assume I do not wish to purchase the Travelguard insurance. While I understand that while my agent is here to serve me to the best of her ability, should a travel emergency arise and should my agent be unavailable, I understand I should call Travelguard's 24 hour concierge service number; however I understand this service is only available should I choose to add Travelguard protection to my purchase. Should I have opted to not purchase Travelguard to cover my trip and should my agent be unavailable during a travel emergency, I understand that my agent will contact me as soon as possible and in the mean time it is my responsibility to resolve emergency to the best of my ability.

Agency Fees for non tour/cruise package bookings

Agency fees are charged per person and per transaction for all original bookings. Agency fees are in addition to carrier fees or fees charged by third party ticketing agencies your agent may use. Fees are processed through the host agency (Travel Leaders/ Leone Travel Corp), are posted as separate transactions, and are non-refundable. Agency fees will be no less than:

Domestic Tickets $40.00 pp
International Tickets $50.00 pp
Domestic Award Tickets $50.00 pp
International Award Tickets $75.00 pp

Agency fees for changes, cancellations and/or refunds will be no less than:

Domestic Tickets$45.00 pp
International Tickets$55.00 pp
Domestic Award Tickets$55.00 pp
International Award Tickets$80.00 pp

In the event that your desired hotel does not offer negotiated travel agency rates, a minimum 10% service fee will be assessed.

Conditions of Travel and Agency Disclaimer

Acceptance of the Proposed Itinerary

By asking my agent to purchase this reservation I acknowledge I have read and accept the terms and conditions of this booking and its associated fees as described above and have discussed any questions I have about this information with my agent. And by asking my agent to purchase this reservation I accept that I have reviewed the proposed itinerary to be sure all information including but not limited to pricing, name spelling, departure cities, arrival cities, carriers, times and dates are correct, and that I would like the proposed schedule to be charged to the credit card I have provided.