Inside The Bag Tag

Once, while on the way to Ireland, Katie’s bag was lost!

“The trip was 9 days long, and we moved just about every night,” Katie said. “Each morning we’d call the Dublin airport to see if my bag had been located, and each night we’d call again to update them on our new location.”

When Katie called, the airport would ask her the same questions:

  • What does the luggage look like on the outside?
  • Can you describe something on the inside of the bag that would help make it easily identifiable?

“It was pretty easy to describe the outside,” said Katie, “but I kept coming up short for something on the inside that would make my bag stand out.”

Thus, the KaliKosmos Travel Inside the Bag Tag was born.

Katie in Ireland with Luke, wearing the only outfit she had for the entire 9 days.

“I designed a flyer that can be printed off and placed inside each client’s suitcase as the last item in the bag,” said Katie. “In the best case scenario, there’s never a lost bag, but that’s not a guarantee in travel. However, with our Inside the Bag Tag, our clients will have an easy answer to the question about identifiable items inside their luggage.”

Eventually, Katie was reunited with her luggage on the second to last day of her trip, but that’s a story for another day.