Why should I use a travel advisor to plan and reserve my next trip?

A travel advisor takes all of the headache out of planning a trip and handles virtually all aspects of your travel. The combined experience of KaliKosmos Travel advisors, and the feedback provided by our thousands of travelers, provides an invaluable resource to anyone planning an important trip. In addition, several top travel vendors have worked to empower and train the our agency community to be even more effective and efficient advisors.

When it comes to your final destination, we’ve most likely been there, done that. Not only can we plan your dream vacation, we can also make recommendations while keeping local culture, weather, and more in mind.

Transportation, accommodations, detailed itineraries, and more are all handled by an expert. Simply tell us your ideal spending limit and destinations, and we’ll do all the work for you.

We are available day or night, before, during and after your trip, either through our direct phone numbers and email addresses, or through your access to our 24 hour travel emergency number. In the event of an emergency, a delay, or an unexpected disruption, our advisors are here to work with the suppliers to reroute, rebook, and get you where you need to go.

Contact us and let KaliKosmos Travel put our commitment to work for you.