I thought travel agents died out with the invention of the internet!

Contrary to the assumption, travel agents (also called travel advisors) are not only living and working, but also growing as a career choice.

According to MMGY Global’s annual “Portrait of the American Traveler,” 85% of travelers who use a service agency, like KaliKosmos Travel, “value travel advisors most for their knowledge of destinations and the ability to provide an extra level of service when things go wrong.” An additional 84% of travelers appreciate an advisor’s “ability to take the hassle out of booking travel.”

At KaliKosmos Travel we deliver on both of these points and go beyond them, to provide personalized service which is hard to find on the internet.

Katie, manager of KaliKosmos Travel, puts it this way: “Travel advising is much like operating a dry cleaner service. Sure, people can treat, launder, and press their clothes on their own, but if they want it done right, they take their clothes to a professional.”

Let KaliKosmos Travel show you the benefits that come from working with professional travel advisors.