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Agent Annual Commission Agreement Form

KaliKosmos Travel is a selective group of travel agents independently contracted with Travel Leaders/Leone Travel located in Memphis, Tenn.  We believe this is a beautiful world and our Professionally Planned Travel process focuses on the client's individual travel goals.  We ask questions, we listen, and then, we create travel itineraries to help our clients discover the world in their own, unique way. From securing the reservation until our clients return home, we are here to provide moments of WOW.  We do not merely make bookings, we help clients live their travel dreams! 

We're excited to have you as part of our selective team for the coming year.


For , you will be advisor. Based on this level, your commission percentage for commission invoiced starting January 1, will be %.  To maintain this level, the following will be required:

  • Have a minimum of in GICP by December 31,
  • Complete trainings and submit the applicable advisor educational experience form by December 31,

Advisor Tiers

$0.00 - $9,999.99 GICP : Qualified :: Commission of 30%
$10,000.00 -  $19,999.99 GICP : Skilled :: Commission of 40%
$20,000.00 - $29,999.99 GICP : Elite :: Commission of 50%
$30,000.00 + 
GICP : Elite Plus :: Commission of 55%

The following terms and conditions apply:

  • The month following graduation to a new tier, commission invoiced from that point forward will be paid based on the new tier for the remainder of the year plus the full year following.
  • Income is not guaranteed and if the GICP is not maintain, the percentage of commission will decrease at the beginning of the next year.
  • Advisors are responsible for paying their own state, federal, and self-employment taxes.
  • Advisors are responsible for applying and paying for any required state license to operate their business.
  • Advisors must remit payment to the Memphis office for E/O insurance and Worldspan access as laid out in the Memphis office contract.
  • Advisors will abide by the terms/conditions and protocols as laid out by the Memphis office in their separate contract.

My signature is an acceptance of the above requirements, commission level, terms/conditions, and is an indication of my choice to be contracted with KaliKosmos Travel for .


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