Sustainably Yours: The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands is a life list must for many people. And visiting the Galapagos Islands sustainably is an important part of making sure future generations can explore the area too.

The Sally Lightfoot crabs on a shore of the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador (photo: rawpixels)

Guest author, Justin Gibson, gives a few pointers to help make sure your time in the Galapagos Islands makes a check mark on your life list without leaving a mark on nature.

Justin’s first point is to make sure you visit the islands in small groups. The decision of how-big-is-too-big is made easier by the fact that mega-sized cruise ships can’t dock in the area and oversized guided tours can’t operate. But, focusing on companies that offer smaller, more intimate, experiences not only keeps less people from walking around the evolutionary landform, but it also offers travelers a more up close and personal experience.

Closeup of the Red-footed Booby on the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador (photo: rawpixels)

The second point Justin makes is to use reef-safe sunscreen. This tip is important not only in the Galapagos but anytime you enter a maritime area. The article also suggests “wearing sun-protective clothing to reduce your need for sunscreen.”

Panga ride at the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador (photo: rawpixels)

A third point in Justin’s post is to “take only photos.” Justin says, “do not pick anything up and stick it in your pocket. No seashells, coral, volcanic rocks, native wood or flora. Not even a little stone or pebble! Likewise, if you notice souvenirs like these being sold in nearby towns, don’t buy them!”

Likewise, he suggests to “leave only footprints.” This means, when you leave the Islands, there should be no trace that you were ever there– no markings, no trash.

The Galapagos land iguana on the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador (photo: rawpixels)

Finally, Justin suggests to travel to the Galapagos with a company you trust. There are several good, eco-focused, companies that offer the Galapagos. If you’re interested in travel to the their, contact KaliKosmos Travel and let us work to find the company that is best for your travel goals.