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After more than two years of waiting, it’s exciting for Australia to be back open and receiving travelers.

One great way to see Australia is with a circumventing cruise. As a our guest writer, Amy Mutscher, said “[o]n a cruise around Australia, you can cover miles of territory and only unpack once.”

On a circumventing cruise you can see places like:

Northeast and the Great Barrier Reef which is home to the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree National Park, the Gold Coast, and Byron Bay. Mutscher suggests travelers “[b]ring binoculars to watch the sea from your ship’s deck keeping an eye out for dolphins and whales, especially in summer when dwarf minke whales arrive from Antarctica to give birth.

Explore the Great Barrier Reef

Southeast and the Capitol Cities like Sydney’s Opera House, Bondi beach, and the nearby Blue Mountains or Melbourne’s European charm and tons of tasting options for foodies to enjoy.

Visit Sydney on an epic Australian cruise

South Australia full of wine and wildlife. Travelers can explore Kangaroo Island, one Australia’s top wildlife viewing locations. Mutscher suggests travelers “[b]ook a 4-wheel drive tour into rugged bushland to spot koalas perched high in the treetops and see one of the country’s most celebrated animals, the kangaroo.” In Seal Bay Conservation Park, travelers can see Australia’s endangered sea lions and in North Terrace, travelers and immerse themselves in Aboriginal culture.

Get up close and personal on Kangaroo Island

For those with extended travel time, Holland America Line can take you from San Diego around Australia with stops in Hawaii and French Polynesia. True luxury awaits you on the 69 day epic voyage.

Noordam in Sydney

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